Chapter 7Trading In the Bikes for Cars

In This Chapter
  • Teens get cars and parents get anxious
  • Judging if your teen is ready to own a car
  • Deciding who will buy the vehicle
  • How to pay for a car
  • Determining what kind of car to buy
  • Dealing with ongoing costs of owning a car

Although you’d swear it was just yesterday that your Becky was 10 and still wearing braces on her teeth and her hair in pigtails, today she’s 16 and talking nonstop about learning to drive a car.

For years Becky and her friends rode their bikes through the neighborhood, venturing out further and further as they got older and braver. Eventually, they could ride those bikes across town to get to the video store with the best selection of movies or the ice-cream shop with the most flavors. ...

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