Chapter 20
Hitler Cheats Death
In This Chapter
◆ The Allies achieve a breakthrough in France
◆ A bomb blows up on Hitler’s opponents
◆ Roosevelt is reelected
◆ An epic Battle of the Bulge
◆ The Axis begins to crumble
The Red Army kept marching west after driving the Germans out of Russia and was steadily making its way across the conquered lands of Europe with an eye toward Berlin. By the end of 1944, the only question was whether it would beat the British and Americans to the prize.

The Mark of Caen

The beachheads at Normandy were secured during June 1944, but Allied efforts to break out into the French interior were stymied by stiff German resistance. The initial focus of the fighting inland was Caen, where a series of offensives led by Montgomery’s ...

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