Appendix B
Who Was Who in the Civil War
For military figures, entries include the subject’s affiliation (CSA, Confederate States Army; CSN, Confederate States Navy; USA, U.S. Army; USN, U.S. Navy) and the highest rank the subject attained by the end of the war. If the subject held command of a major military unit, the unit is listed, followed by the nature of the command (in parentheses, sometimes with time served) and the major engagement(s) in which the subject fought. For example:
Bragg, Braxton (1817-1876), General CSA Army of Mississippi (corps commander): Shiloh; Army of Mississippi (commander): Perryville; Army of Tennessee (commander): Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Chattanooga; adviser to Jefferson Davis, February 1864 to January 1865. ...

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