Chapter 25
Taoism: The Effortless Path
In This Chapter
• Taoism’s complementary relationship with Confucianism
• The fundamental ideas of Taoism
• Establishing a working definition of “the Tao”
• Why Taoism caught on
In this chapter, you learn about the influential religious and philosophical system known as Taoism, a tradition whose name, like its guiding force, defies complete explanation. Its practitioners would maintain that this inexpressibility is completely appropriate.
In recent years, Taoism, like Buddhism (another hard-to-define belief system), has given rise to a wave of articles, books, manuals, and essays in the West. To find out what all the fascination and fuss is about, read on!

“Not to Be Impolite, but …”

Taoism has a long ...

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