Appendix D
Affirmations for Type 1: The Perfectionist/Reformer
1. Thank God, I don’t have to be perfect. What a relief.
2. I let go of trying to be good. I just am myself, with my flaws and desires and needs.
3. I have a good time, no matter what.
4. Mistakes are fine. They’re certainly nothing to stress about.
5. I accept people as they are, including me.
6. Some feedback from my inner critic is okay, but I let go of using the critic for constant evaluation. You’re fired!
7. Life is fun, and I do lots of fun things.
8. I don’t have to earn good things. It’s okay to enjoy the bounty.
9. Pleasure is good and I am good.
10. Life is easy. I don’t have to try so hard.
Affirmations for Type 2: The Giver/Cheerleader
1. I make my needs important ...

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