Chapter 9
Type 7: The Optimist/ Fun Lover
In This Chapter
• It’s party time!
• Keep the energy high
• Ride the waves—please, no turbulence
• Freedom is my middle name
• Positive ideas cure anything
• The best is yet to come
Always looking on the bright side and seekers of excitement, Optimist/Fun Lovers are always up for something new. 7s don’t tolerate painful scenarios. This energized type is chipper, charming, and always up for the latest venture, whether it’s sports, gala parties and events, or a new and exciting challenge!

Understanding the Type

7s are the quintessential positive thinkers. Life is what you make it, and 7s choose to make it great! Sure there are challenges, but you can overcome them. You just have to work at it. The mind ...

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