Chapter 10
Type 8: The Director/ Powerhouse
In This Chapter
• Live and let live? I don’t think so
• The generator: step aside, I’m energized
• Be reasonable—do it my way!
• In charge on the outside, insecure on the inside
• Sorry! I didn’t mean to step on you
Director/Powerhouses can light up a city with a drive for doing and taking action. Short on patience, what you see is what you get. The most body-instinctive type, 8s tend not to take no for an answer. If there’s an obstacle in the way, slowing down progress, call an 8 for guaranteed action.

Understanding the Type

Preferring action to inaction and driven by impulse, Director/Powerhouses have energy to burn and can’t stand to wait. No brakes, please. 8s feel easily controlled and are on ...

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