Chapter 1
Can You Pour the Shots?
In This Chapter
♦ A typical day running a bar
♦ What’s involved in running a bar
♦ Find out whether you’re up to the challenge
♦ How to get experience
♦ Where to find mentors
Out of 10 bars that open, 7 of them fail in the first 3 years. What’s the secret to the successful ones? Some may have great drinks and food and others may have great drinks, food, atmosphere, and ambience. But a successful bar will be a special place because it will have great drinks and food, great atmosphere and ambience, and a little bit of magic. The magic is you.
Think about television barkeeps—Sam Malone from Cheers, the group of friends from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Ed Williams from The Club. Each brings their own magic ...

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