Chapter 13
Suds 101
In This Chapter
♦ Become the brew master
♦ Figure out how many types of beers to carry
♦ Avoid a mug of suds
♦ Serve up the perfect bottle
♦ Learn how to store beer
Beer is the oldest and most popular alcoholic beverage. In 2006, 186 billion gallons were sold, according to the Brewer’s Association. Says a lot, doesn’t it? If you were considering not selling beer, you may want to reconsider.
Some bars focus their theme on beer. For instance, the Yard House boasts that each location has a keg room that contains 600 barrels, some 1,000 gallons of beer, and anywhere between 130 to 250 beers to choose from. This popular alcoholic drink can be served in almost any type of bar. The secret is to understand the different types and how ...

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