Chapter 14
Grape-ology Explained
In This Chapter
♦ Winemaking 101
♦ All about white wines
♦ The allure of red
♦ Deciding what to offer
♦ Educating the staff
♦ Knowing how to store the bottles
Have you seen the 2004 movie Sideways? Two men go up to California’s Santa Ynez Valley to go wine tasting as a bachelor party. The best man, Miles, is a wine snob. Snubbing his nose at the wine-to-drink-at-the-moment merlot, his favorite is the complicated pinot noir. If you don’t know much about or have a small appreciation for wine, you may want to rent it. As one friend told us, he learned a lot in the two hours he spent watching this film.
Besides highlighting the fanatic behavior that wine can inspire, Sideways also reveals that wine drinking, despite the ...

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