Chapter 5
Getting Authority on Your Side
In This Chapter
  • ◆Your lawyer, accountant, and banker
  • ◆Business structure basics
  • ◆Registering your business
  • ◆Insuring future success
We’re going to assume, just for one moment, that you didn’t earn a law degree, work as a banker, study accounting, and master the ins and outs of insurance before you set your sights on opening a coffee bar. Perhaps we’re mistaken. If so, we apologize and suggest skipping the rest of this chapter.
If, however, you aren’t fluent with the worlds of law, banking, accounting, and insurance, you need help from those who are. Managing a business on your own is one thing, but handling all the legal nitty-gritty that comes with managing a business can be an enormous time suck that does little ...

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