Chapter 11
Bringing On a Crew
In This Chapter
  • ◆Hiring helpers and signing on supervisors
  • ◆Grilled well-done: interview techniques
  • ◆Payment means more than just money
  • ◆Back to school: training employees
  • ◆When to say goodbye
When it comes time to staff your coffee bar, you’d probably prefer to clone yourself a half-dozen times and be done with it. After all, you know how you want customers treated, you know the cleaning and restocking procedures. You know everything that needs to happen to make the coffee bar a success, and you know you’d do a great job.
Unfortunately for you, science has yet to reach the point where clones of yourself can work the cash register and empty the garbage cans while you—the original you, that is—count the profits in the backroom. ...

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