Chapter 15
The Rest of the Menu
In This Chapter
  • ◆Balancing the hot with the cold
  • ◆Smooth drinks for health-conscious customers
  • ◆Food to fuel sales
  • ◆Drinks with a kick
  • ◆Dealing to the do-it-yourselfer
To run a coffee bar, you must sell—say it with us—coffee. Since many people will see the word “coffee” and assume that you process the beans in more than one way, you probably want to handle espresso, cappuccino, and other such drinks. Once you decide to sell these, you might as well add hot chocolate and tea to the menu, thereby covering the entire world of hot beverages.
This selection might seem extensive from your point of view—especially when you start teaching new employees how to make it all—but you will inevitably face customers who frown at the ...

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