Chapter 22
The Power of Publicity
In This Chapter
  • ◆Press release pointers
  • ◆Creating the news
  • ◆Meet the press
  • ◆Turning customers into billboards
  • ◆You’re the expert
Getting your name into the public eye doesn’t have to cost an arm, two legs, and a spleen. By issuing press releases and positioning yourself as an expert, you can have reporters calling you for stories—and when an unbiased media source such as a reporter or TV news anchor puts you on stage, your credibility jumps a lot higher than it does from a paid advertisement that says, “Hey, I’m great!”
Want to get people talking about your coffee shop? Then prepare to become a publicity professional, pronto. We’ll show you how to get your name in print, garner positive word-of-mouth, and turn your customers ...

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