Chapter 5
Random Rules flor Risk Taking
In This Chapter
➤ Learning the importance of giving permission
➤ Going to school on your mistakes
➤ Why calculating is a must
➤ Mastering the matrix
Swim…at your own risk.
Parasail…at your own risk.
Rock climb…at your own risk.
Have you ever seen signs like these? Basically what they mean is—you decide. Actually, everything you do could use the qualifier “…at your own risk,” like:
➤ Get a job…at your own risk.
➤ Get married…at your own risk.
➤ Go to college…at your own risk.
➤ Eat toastee-oats…at your own risk.
Life is…at your own risk. The irony is that risk is one of the greatest gifts we were given at birth. ...

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