Chapter 8
The Sound of Music
In This Chapter
➤ How sound works in poetry
➤ Rhyme and reason
➤ Alliteration, assonance, and consonance
➤ Onomatopoeia
➤ Understanding tone and diction
Sipsop’s SongHang your serious songs, said Sipsop & he sung as followsFa ra so bo roFa ra bo raSa ba ra ra ba rare roroSa ra ra ra bo ro ro orRadaraSarapodo no flo ro
—William Blake
Poetry was once a musical art, accompanied by a lyre or other instrument (most recently bongos, but let’s try to forget that era, shall we?). Because of its musical roots, poetry still has musical elements. These elements make up the way a poem sounds. That’s what we’ll talk about in this ...

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