Chapter 1
Everybody’s Got at Least One Bad Habit
In This Chapter
• Defining a habit
• Looking at change through a different lens
• How much do your habits run (or ruin) your life? A self-quiz
• Other factors that might be at play
We all have habits we want to change. Maybe you can’t resist the QVC special of the day, or never miss an episode of The Biggest Loser, even in reruns. Maybe you always need five more minutes (that stretch into hours) to finish a project or like this book’s coauthor, Deb, can’t start the day without a mug of coffee strong enough that the smell alone carries a caffeine buzz. Perhaps you nibble your fingernails to the quick, chew the ends of your pens, twirl your hair, or tug at your eyebrows.
Or perhaps you turn to your ...

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