Chapter 6
Don’t Be Shy!
In This Chapter
• All about shyness
• Shyness and social intelligence
• How to shrink the shys
You’ve probably felt it at some time or other. Most of us have. You know—that wallflower tendency? Shyness can be something that you feel only occasionally, like when you have to give a speech, or it can dominate—and shrink—your life.
In this chapter, we’ll talk about shyness and all its varieties, and suggest ways to battle it that may help you morph from a wallflower to a social butterfly in the garden of life.
But first, time to do some self-assessment.

Check Yourself Out

This self-quiz is designed to give you a rough idea of how shy you are. Mark the option that describes what you would be most likely to do in these situations, ...

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