Chapter 1
What Is Tarot?
In This Chapter
◆ Your future in a pack of cards?
◆ The reader and the Querent
◆ How Tarot works
◆ Are you a Fool?
Admit it—you’re curious. Who isn’t? Everyone wants to know about the future!
Hindsight might give you 20/20 vision for understanding what’s happened in the past, but what (or who) helps you figure out what’s coming up in the future? When you think of fortune-tellers, do you picture Whoopi Goldberg in the movie Ghost, channeling spirits with a crystal ball? How about the Wizard of Oz (the mighty Oz sees all, knows all!), dispensing magical powers to eager applicants who’ve proven themselves worthy? Is it even possible to “predict” or “tell” someone what his or her future will be? Remember a little thing called ...

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