Chapter 3
What Tarot Reveals About You
In This Chapter
◆ How Tarot can help you answer the big questions
◆ Let the pictures do the talking
◆ Tarot and why you are the way you are
◆ Tarot and your relationships
The Tarot is more than a tool for answering your questions—it’s also a tool for becoming more aware of why you behave the way you do. You can also use the Tarot to learn how another person feels about you, how your boss feels about your work, if now is the time to buy that dream house, or if the person you met Saturday night is your next big romance.
In other words, you can use Tarot’s symbols on every step of your journey of self-discovery, just as a therapist can help you use your dreams for the same purpose. You gotta admit, though, Tarot’s ...

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