Chapter 5
What Do You See in 5 the Cards?
In This Chapter
◆ How the Tarot can help you make big decisions
◆ Finding personal meaning in the cards
◆ Getting rid of preconceived notions
So far, we’ve talked mostly about symbolic systems and the fact that the Tarot is one of them. It’s obvious we think this concept is very important to an understanding of the Tarot, and now that you’ve got it firmly in hand, we’d like to take that lesson and apply it to the cards. In this chapter, we’ll take a good long look at the cards and at what you see when you look at them.

Walking the Fool’s Path

Through the Tarot’s Major Arcana cards, you can see the cycles that are repeated throughout your life. Each of the Major Arcana cards has a number (or key), and ...

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