Chapter 8
Setting Off on the Life Path
In This Chapter
◆ The Fool (key 0)
◆ The Magician (key 1)
◆ The High Priestess (key 2)
◆ The Empress (key 3)
◆ The Emperor (key 4)
◆ The Hierophant (key 5)
As any Fool knows, all enterprises and adventures require a beginning, and the first six Major Arcana cards depict all that can happen whenever we start anything new. Whether it’s the spontaneity of the Fool or the constraint of the Hierophant, though, the lesson of each card will be what you make of it.
At last—it’s time to set off on the life path of the cards themselves! Former First Lady and Senator Hillary Clinton is known for quoting the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” In this chapter, we’ll learn about the Major Arcana cards ...

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