Chapter 9
What Kind of Fool Are You?
In This Chapter
◆ The Lovers (key 6)
◆ The Chariot (key 7)
◆ Strength (key 8)
◆ The Hermit (key 9)
◆ The Wheel of Fortune (key 10)
◆ Justice (key 11)
Getting through life consists of a lot more than those first baby steps, and many more issues must be considered as well. We’re faced with choices and decisions every day, and how we deal with those choices will help determine just what kinds of Fools we are—and aren’t.
The second six cards of the Major Arcana represent the many choices we all must make as we journey through our lives. From relationships (the Lovers), to reflection (the Hermit), to the vagaries of chance and society’s rules (the Wheel of Fortune and Justice), this sequence of cards reminds us that ...

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