Chapter 10
The Fool in Dante’s Dark Wood
In This Chapter
◆ The Hanged Man (key 12)
◆ Death (key 13)
◆ Temperance (key 14)
◆ The Devil (key 15)
◆ The Tower (key 16)
No experience is without its problems and setbacks, and the Major Arcana cards for keys 12 (the Hanged Man) through 16 (the Tower) metaphorically represent the various ways such issues may manifest themselves. Whether it’s the transformation of Death, the tolerance demanded by Temperance, or the unexpected surprises represented by the Tower, the cards in this sequence signal questioning, spiritual grappling, and coming to terms with our demons. It’s time for the Fool’s midlife crisis.

“Midway Upon the Journey of Our Life …”

Up until now, the Major Arcana have pretty much let us go our ...

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