Chapter 11
The Fool in Tune with the Universe
In This Chapter
◆ The Star (key 17)
◆ The Moon (key 18)
◆ The Sun (key 19)
◆ Judgement (key 20)
◆ The World (key 21)
By the time you arrive at the last five cards of the Major Arcana, you’ve earned the right to the hope and success they assure you. There’s no question your journey’s been fraught with trial and error, bumps and false starts, but now you get to reap what you sowed along the way. The Star, the Moon, the Sun, Judgement, and the World are the cards of the Fool’s successful return to the fold after his hero’s journey into the great unknown. Here is where the Fool tunes in to that celestial music, the harmony of the spheres!

Look to the Skies

Just as the ancients looked to the skies for divine ...

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