Chapter 13
Wands: The Fruits of Your Labors, the Tools of Your Trade
In This Chapter
◆ Wands represent enterprise, growth, and development
◆ Royal Wands: strength, energy, and new efforts
◆ Everyday Wands: how you work through things
The first Minor Arcana suit we’ll be exploring is Wands. As we discussed in Chapter 12, Wands are the suit of your enterprise, growth, and development. Here’s where you’ll find the ways in which you approach anything new that comes into your life, whether it’s with the excitement of the Ace of Wands, the fear of the 5 of Wands, or the impatience of the Knight of Wands.

The Royal Court

Royal Minor Arcana cards, or court cards, often take on more meaning than simply speaking for events. Sometimes they can be people ...

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