Chapter 17
Getting or Giving a Good Tarot Reading
In This Chapter
◆ Choosing your Tarot reader
◆ Tarot online!
◆ What should you ask?
◆ Some common spreads
◆ Reading someone else’s cards
Now that you’ve gotten to know the cards, it’s time to take advantage of what they can do for you. A Tarot reading brings together a Tarot reader and a Querent, who is a seeker with a question. The reader uses a Tarot spread, or card layout, to explore the Querent’s question.
There are as many Tarot spreads as there are Tarot readers, and as you get to know the cards better and better, you might develop some spreads of your own as well. But first, let’s talk about the things (and people) involved in a good reading.

Getting a Good Reading

The first essential for ...

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