Chapter 19
Past, Present, Future: Your Yearly Horoscope Revealed
In This Chapter
◆ The Horoscope Spread: your year in cards
◆ The Past/Present/Future Spread: the connection is in the cards
◆ Covering your Celtic: double your info
◆ A map to help you on your way
Now that you know how to phrase your question and the basic Tarot spreads, it’s time to take a peek into the future. The three spreads in this chapter—the Horoscope method, the Past/Present/Future method, and a method we call covering your Celtic, which doubles the information you receive from a Celtic Cross Spread—give you three different methods of seeing things that have yet to occur.

Your Year in Cards: The Horoscope Spread

This method of reading the Tarot is called the Horoscope, ...

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