The Complete Idiot's Guide® To Boosting Employee Performance

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Keep workers working-and happy.

The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Boosting Employee Performance is the most current and comprehensive guide for managers seeking to get the most out of their employees and build lasting relationships that will help them grow their business. Includes the newest and most powerful tools to keep employees doing their best, including ideas on keeping morale high when business is tough, avoiding stagnant work habits and routines, energizing employees about their job, how to retain the best employees, and much more.

* Practical tips on maintaining clear communication between managers and staff, offering the right incentives, and inspiring teamwork

* Includes insightful anecdotes from real life

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Foreword
  4. Introduction
  5. Part 1 - The Building Blocks
    1. Chapter 1 - What to Know About Your Employees
      1. Don’t Buy into These Employee Myths
      2. What Your Employees Need from You
      3. Boosting Employee Performance Isn’t Rocket Science
    2. Chapter 2 - Get the Most from Your Employees
      1. Understanding Performance Management
      2. Step One: Establish Standards and Expectations
      3. Step Two: Provide Training
      4. Step Three: Coaching Your Employees
      5. Step Four: Provide Feedback
      6. Close the Cycle
      7. Remember Who You’re Working For
    3. Chapter 3 - Define Standards and Expectations
      1. Beyond the Job Description
      2. Defining Expectations
      3. How to Measure Performance
      4. Troubleshooting Poor Performance
      5. Connecting Performance Expectations and Reviews
    4. Chapter 4 - Keys to Clear Communication
      1. Don’t Assume That Everyone Gets It
      2. Using Receipt of Communication
      3. How Well Do You Communicate?
      4. When Good Communication Is Especially Important
  6. Part 2 - Monitor and Assess Performance
    1. Chapter 5 - How Are They Doing?
      1. Why Monitor Performance?
      2. Six Proven Methods of Monitoring Performance
      3. Using What You Learn to Verify Expectations
    2. Chapter 6 - Giving Constructive Feed back
      1. Everyone Wants and Needs Feedback
      2. How to Give Good Feedback
      3. Using Feedback as a Daily Tool
    3. Chapter 7 - Helping Average Employees Improve
      1. Identify Your Average Employees
      2. Why They Need to Improve Performance
      3. Help Your Employees to Overcome Hurdles
      4. Tell Employees How They’ll Benefit
    4. Chapter 8 - Motivate Top Performers
      1. Identifying Your Best Employees
      2. Getting High Performers Excited About Their Futures
      3. What’s in Your Toolbox?
      4. Getting the Most from Your High-Potential Employees
    5. Chapter 9 - Fix Problem Performance
      1. Recognizing and Dealing with Performance Problems
      2. Decide Whether the Problem Is Worth Fixing
      3. Common Problems and What to Do About Them
      4. Why You Need to Follow Up
    6. Chapter 10 - Difficult Employees
      1. How to Recognize a Difficult Employee
      2. How to Handle Difficult Employees
      3. A Problem Employee—or a Dangerous One?
      4. Making Sure That Change Happens
  7. Part 3 - Tools for Boosting Performance
    1. Chapter 11 - Bring New Employees
      1. New to the Company or New to the Position?
      2. Why 90 Days?
      3. The First 30 Days
      4. The 30- to 90-Day Period
      5. Day 90 and Beyond
    2. Chapter 12 - Training and Development
      1. How to Know Whether Training Will Work
      2. What Kind of Training Is Best?
      3. How to Define and Measure Results of Training
      4. Types of Training
      5. Getting Help When You Need It
    3. Chapter 13 - Performance Action Plans
      1. What Is It and When Do You Need One?
      2. Developing Your Own Performance Action Plan
      3. Getting Buy-In from Your Employees
      4. Following Up on the Performance Action Plan
    4. Chapter 14 - Customer Feedback and Performance
      1. Why Everyone Needs Customer Contact and Feedback
      2. How to Connect Employees with Customers
      3. Using Customer Feedback to Rate Employee Performance
  8. Part 4 - Performance and Reward
    1. Chapter 15 - The Performance Review Process
      1. Why Every Boss Needs to Conduct Performance Reviews
      2. How to Prepare for a Performance Review
      3. Involve Employees in Their Performance Reviews
      4. Build a Plan for Improvement
      5. Using the Review to Establish New or Continued Expectations
      6. Following Up After the Review
    2. Chapter 16 - Development Plans
      1. What Is a Development Plan?
      2. Where Is Your Employee Going?
      3. What’s the Plan for Getting There?
      4. Who’s Qualified to Take His or Her Place?
      5. Following Up on Development Plans
      6. Keeping Yourself and Your Employees Accountable
      7. A Sample Development Plan
    3. Chapter 17 - Pay and Performance
      1. The Relationship Between Pay and Performance
      2. How Do You Know How Much to Pay Someone?
      3. Make Sure Employees Understand Why They Earn What They Do
      4. How Important Is Pay to Employees?
    4. Chapter 18 - Nonmonetary Rewards
      1. Why Nonmonetary Rewards Are Valuable
      2. When to Use Nonmonetary Rewards
      3. Making Sure the Reward Makes Sense
      4. Using Special Assignments as Rewards
      5. Using Recognition as a Reward
      6. What Works for One May Not Work for All
      7. Fifty Innovative and Fun Nonmonetary Rewards
      8. Is Your Rewards Program Working?
    5. Chapter 19 - Why Delegate?
      1. Why You Need to Be Able to Delegate
      2. Delegate to Boost the Bottom Line
      3. How Delegating Work Boosts Performance
      4. What to Delegate and What Not to Delegate
      5. How to Delegate
  9. Part 5 - Leadership Challenges
    1. Chapter 20 - Leadership Style
      1. What Is Leadership Style?
      2. Basic Leadership Styles and When to Use Them
      3. Is It an Employee Problem or a Leadership Problem?
      4. Leadership Techniques to Strive For
    2. Chapter 21 - Get the Best from Employees
      1. How to Manage Employees of Every Age
      2. The Generations
      3. What Workers of Different Ages Expect from You
      4. How to Boost Performance Among Each Generation
    3. Chapter 22 - When Times Are Difficult
      1. How Your Role Changes During Difficult Times
      2. Dealing with Employee Reactions to Hard Times
      3. How to Maintain Employee Respect
      4. How to Keep Yourself and Employees on Track
      5. Regrouping After Layoffs or Other Changes
      6. Using a Downsized Environment to Boost Employee Performance
    4. Chapter 23 - The Status Quo
      1. Keeping Employees Motivated During Good Times
      2. Recognizing Signs of Complacency
      3. Consequences of Complacency
      4. Tools to Keep Employees Motivated
  10. Appendix - Resources
    1. Books
    2. Websites
  11. Index

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  • Title: The Complete Idiot's Guide® To Boosting Employee Performance
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: January 2011
  • Publisher(s): Alpha
  • ISBN: 9781615640256