The Complete Idiot's Guide® To Google Chrome and Chrome OS

Book description

A nontechnical manual for groundbreaking technology.

The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Google Chrome OS presents readers with a clear overview of Google's free operating system-targeting users of netbook computers and allowing them to work primarily on the web- including how to send e-mail, work with pictures, save and manage files, use common office applications as well as more specialized programs, and deal with problems.

*Available day-and-date with the software

*Chrome OS will be free, making it very competitive with Windows 7 *Google boasts that Chrome OS will start up and get the user onto the web in a few seconds, without having to contend with viruses, malware, and security updates

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Dedication
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Introduction
  5. Part 1 - Getting to Know Google Chrome OS
    1. Chapter 1 - Figuring Out Cloud Computing
      1. What’s All This Talk About a “Cloud”!?
      2. The Cloud Is the Computer
      3. The Pros (and, Yes, a Few Cons) of Cloud Computing
      4. How Google Chrome OS Fits into All This
      5. Getting Ready for the Cloud
    2. Chapter 2 - Getting Started with Google Chrome OS
      1. Your Passport to the Cloud: Getting a Google Account
      2. Firing Up Google Chrome OS
      3. Google Chrome OS: The 50¢ Tour
      4. Making Things Happen: The Applications Menu
      5. Customizing Google Chrome OS
  6. Part 2 - Taking the Chrome Browser for a Spin
    1. Chapter 3 - Browsing the Web with Chrome
      1. Getting to Know Chrome’s Nuts and Bolts
      2. Web Page Navigation Basics
      3. Techniques for Efficient Web Gallivanting
      4. Dealing With Files in Chrome
    2. Chapter 4 - Customizing Chrome
      1. Home Sweet Home: Setting Up Your Home Page
      2. A Fresh Start: Configuring Chrome’s Startup Pages
      3. Customizing Chrome’s Search Engine
      4. Replating Chrome: Changing the Theme
      5. Chrome and Then Some: Adding Extensions
    3. Chapter 5 - Surfing with a Net: Security and Privacy
      1. Chrome Security: The Basics
      2. Avoiding Phishing Lures
      3. Managing Your Cloud Passwords
      4. Covering Your Tracks: Deleting Your Browsing Data
      5. Your Own Private Web: Incognito Browsing
      6. Disabling Chrome’s Web Services to Maximize Privacy
      7. Controlling Cookies to Control Cloud Privacy
      8. Blocking Nasty Pop-Up Windows
  7. Part 3 - The Cloud Nine: Getting Things Done
    1. Chapter 6 - Organizing Files with Google Docs
      1. A Fresh Beginning: Starting a New Document
      2. Uploading Files to the Cloud
      3. A Few Basic File and Folder Chores
      4. A Few Basic Document Editing Chores
      5. Collaborating on a File with Other Cloud Folk
    2. Chapter 7 - Word Processing with Google Docs
      1. Taking a Look Around the Word Processor Window
      2. Entering Text in the Google Docs Word Processor
      3. A Fountain of Formatting Fun
      4. Finding Lost Text in Humongous Files
      5. Finding and Replacing Text
    3. Chapter 8 - Building Google Docs Spreadsheets
      1. Taking a Tour of the Spreadsheet Window
      2. Getting Started: Entering and Formatting Spreadsheet Data
      3. Getting the Hang of Ranges
      4. Calculating with Formulas and Functions
      5. Visualizing Data with Charts
    4. Chapter 9 - Creating Google Docs Presentations
      1. Taking a Peek at the Presentation Window
      2. Putting Together a Presentation
      3. Formatting Slides
      4. Getting the Slide Show on the Road: Running the Presentation
    5. Chapter 10 - Keeping in Touch with Gmail
      1. The Lay of the Gmail Land
      2. The Outbox: Sending an E-Mail Message
      3. The Inbox: Dealing With Incoming E-Mail Messages
      4. Taking Charge of Your Message Labels
      5. Some Handy Message Maneuvers
    6. Chapter 11 - Reading Feeds with Google Reader
      1. Getting Started with Google Reader
      2. Finding Feeds
      3. Feed Me: Adding a Subscription
      4. Read Me: Reading Your Feeds
      5. Managing Your Subscriptions
    7. Chapter 12 - Scheduling Time with Google Calendar
      1. Getting Started with Google Calendar
      2. Navigating the Google Calendar Window
      3. Setting Your Social Schedule: Entering Events
      4. Configuring Calendars
    8. Chapter 13 - Finding Your Way with Google Maps
      1. Getting Google Maps Off to a Rousing Start
      2. Locating Stuff in Google Maps
      3. Navigating a Map
      4. Changing the View
      5. I’m Over Here! Adding Your Location to Google Maps
      6. Can I Get There from Here? Getting Directions
      7. Creating Your Own Maps
    9. Chapter 14 - Sharing Photos with Picasa Web Albums
      1. Getting Started with Picasa Web Albums
      2. Seeding the Cloud: Uploading Your Photos
      3. Working With Your Web Albums
      4. Working With Your Photos
      5. Sharing Your Photos with Friends and Total Strangers
  8. Appendix A - Glossary
  9. Appendix B - Chrome and Chrome OS Shortcut Keys
  10. Index

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  • Title: The Complete Idiot's Guide® To Google Chrome and Chrome OS
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: August 2010
  • Publisher(s): Alpha
  • ISBN: 9781615640263