Meaning of Vote

Although an organization is free to specify in its bylaws the number of votes necessary for adoption of a motion (two-thirds, three-fifths, three-fourths, nine-tenths, and so on), the majority vote and the two-thirds vote are the most common. Let’s look at each in turn.

Majority Vote

A majority vote is “more than half” of the votes cast. So if 20 votes are cast, you need at least 11 votes. If 19 votes are cast, you need at least 10 votes.
If a vote ends in a tie, a majority was not attained. That’s because a majority means more than half, and a tie vote is not more than half.
If the vote is tied and a majority vote is needed, the vote fails. We are well aware that a 13 to 14 vote fails. But a 13 to 13 vote also fails. It ...

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