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The Complete Idiot's Guide® To WordPress

Book Description

Take advantage of the #1 blog publishing application.

With more than 22 million users worldwide, WordPress is the #1 blog WordPress publishing application in the world. This guide provides users of both its hosted blogging service (WorldPress.com) and its self-hosted application (WordPress.org) with everything they need to know to create, customize, manage, and share their WordPress blogs with the world.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Dedication
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Introduction
  5. Part 1 - Welcome to the World of WordPress
    1. Chapter 1 - Blogging Basics
      1. Why Do You Want to Blog?
      2. Refine Your Topic
      3. Check Out the Competition
      4. Determine Your Blogging Application Needs
      5. Pitfalls to Avoid
      6. Secrets to Blogging Success
    2. Chapter 2 - WordPress.com Versus WordPress.org
      1. What Is WordPress.com?
      2. What Is WordPress.org?
      3. Primary Differences
      4. Which WordPress Is Right for Your Blog?
  6. Part 2 - Writing for the Blogosphere
    1. Chapter 3 - Creating Content
      1. Coming Up with Blog Post Ideas
      2. Writing Posts
      3. Writing Tips
    2. Chapter 4 - Blogging by the Rules
      1. Using Links and Providing Attribution
      2. Following Copyright Laws
      3. What Images Can You Use on Your Blog?
      4. Be Mindful of Spam
      5. Creating Policies
      6. WordPress Policies
  7. Part 3 - Starting Your Blog with WordPress.com
    1. Chapter 5 - The Nuts and Bolts of a WordPress Blog
      1. The Domain Name Challenge
      2. The Parts of a Blog
    2. Chapter 6 - Creating a WordPress.com Blog
      1. Establishing Your WordPress.com Account
      2. Your Dashboard’s Admin Bar
      3. Navigating the WordPress.com Dashboard
      4. The Dashboard’s Left Menu
    3. Chapter 7 - Customizing Your Blog’s Settings
      1. Creating Your Profile
      2. Personal Settings
      3. General Settings
      4. Writing Settings
      5. Reading Settings
      6. Discussion Settings
      7. Media Settings
      8. Privacy Settings
      9. OpenID Settings
      10. Sharing
      11. Domains Settings
      12. Email Post Changes
      13. Your Webhooks Settings
    4. Chapter 8 - Modifying Your Blog’s Appearance
      1. Themes
      2. Widgets
      3. Menus
      4. Extras
      5. Background
      6. Header
      7. Typekit Fonts
      8. Edit CSS
    5. Chapter 9 - Creating Blog Posts
      1. Writing a New Post
      2. Applying Categories
      3. Tagging Posts
      4. Writing an Excerpt
      5. Sending Trackbacks
      6. Configuring Discussion Settings
      7. Scheduling and Publishing
    6. Chapter 10 - Enhancing Blog Posts
      1. Using the Post Editor Toolbar
      2. Making Your Posts Shine
      3. Editing Posts
    7. Chapter 11 - Adding Pages to Your Blog
      1. Pages Versus Posts
      2. Publishing a Page on Your Blog
      3. Editing or Deleting Pages
    8. Chapter 12 - Using Popular WordPress Features
      1. Links
      3. Ratings
      4. Polls
      5. Adding Users
      6. Tools
      7. Importing and Exporting Blogs
      8. Deleting Your Blog
    9. Chapter 13 - Paying for Upgrades
      1. Getting Your Own Domain
      2. Go Ad Free
      3. Buying More Storage
      4. Customizing CSS
      5. Using VideoPress
      6. Inviting 36 or More Users
      7. Offsite Redirect
      8. Text Messaging
  8. Part 4 - Using WordPress.org
    1. Chapter 14 - Domains, Hosting, and FTP
      1. Getting Your Blog Domain Name
      2. Choosing a Host
      3. Understanding FTP
    2. Chapter 15 - Installing WordPress.org
      1. Assign Your Domain to Your Web Host cPanel
      2. Installing WordPress with SimpleScripts
      3. Other Installation Options
    3. Chapter 16 - Customizing WordPress.org
      1. WordPress.org Similarities to Word Press.com
      2. Reviewing the WordPress.org Dashboard
      3. Configuring Your Options
    4. Chapter 17 - WordPress Themes Galore
      1. Introducing the WordPress Theme Editor
      2. Types of WordPress Themes
      3. Selecting the Best Theme for Your Blog
      4. Installing a Third-Party Theme
      5. Hiring a Designer to Help You
      6. WordPress for Websites
    5. Chapter 18 - A WordPress Plug-In for Everything
      1. What Are WordPress Plug-Ins?
      2. Installing WordPress Plug-Ins
      3. Managing Your WordPress Plug-Ins
      4. Popular Free WordPress Plug-Ins
  9. Part 5 - Attracting an Audience
    1. Chapter 19 - Search Engine Optimization
      1. Boosting Blog Traffic with SEO
      2. Importance of Link Building
      3. Keyword Research
      4. What Not to Do
    2. Chapter 20 - Feeds and Subscriptions
      1. Understanding Feeds and Subscriptions
      2. Setting Up Your WordPress Blog Feed
      3. Inviting Feed Subscriptions
      4. Inviting E-Mail Subscriptions
      5. Tips to Boost Subscribers
    3. Chapter 21 - Networking and Community Building
      1. Social Networking
      2. Social Bookmarking
      3. Twitter and Microblogging
      4. Promoting Your Social Media Profiles on Your Blog
      5. More Options
    4. Chapter 22 - Web Analytics
      1. What to Track and Measure
      2. Tools to Track Your Blog’s Performance
      3. Adding Google Analytics to Your WordPress Blog
  10. Part 6 - Blogging for Big Bucks
    1. Chapter 23 - Making Money with Your Blog
      1. Popular Monetization Methods
      2. Analyzing Monetization Methods
      3. Warning! Warning!
      4. Placing Ads in Your WordPress.org Blog
    2. Chapter 24 - Advertising, Affiliate Programs, and More
      1. Types of Ad Payment Models
      2. Popular Ad Formats for Blogs
      3. Which Ad Program Is Right for You?
      4. Selling Ad Space Directly
      5. Affiliate Programs
      6. Paid Reviews and Sponsored Posts
  11. Appendix A - Glossary
  12. Appendix B - Frequently Asked Questions
    1. What Kind of Theme Layout Should I Use on My Blog? (WordPress.org and WordPress.com)
    2. Why Does Content I Copy and Paste from Microsoft Word Look Strange When Published in One of My Blog Posts?
    3. Why Did My Post Column Move So It’s Not Next to My Sidebar Anymore?
    4. Why Is the Text Formatting for My Blog Posts Messed Up? My First Post Is Fine but After That, All My Posts on My Home Page Are in Boldface (or Another Text Attribute), but I Didn’t Make Them That Way.
    5. My WordPress.org Blog Is Acting Strange and Looks Wrong. What’s Going On?
    6. Which Widgets Should I Use in My Blog’s Sidebar? (WordPress.org and WordPress.com)
    7. What Is a Favicon, and How Can I Get One for My Blog? (WordPress.org)
    8. What Free WordPress Plug-Ins Are Recommended for Blogs Starting to Receive Some Traffic and Comments? (WordPress.org)
    9. Should I Set Up My Blog for a Full or Partial Feed? (WordPress.org and WordPress.com)
    10. Do I Need to Submit My Blog to Search Engines to Get Included in Search Results? (WordPress.org and WordPress.com)
    11. How Can I Change the RSS Feed Icon and Subscription Links in My Sidebar So They Look Nicer?
    12. Which Twitter Apps Should I Use to Make My Blog More Successful?
    13. Should I Pay for WordPress.com Upgrades, or Switch to WordPress.org? (WordPress.org and WordPress.com)
    14. Why Should I Let Other People Write Guest Blog Posts on My Blog? Why Should I Try to Write Guest Posts on Blogs I Don’t Own? (WordPress.org and WordPress.com)
    15. How Can I Hold a Blog Contest? (WordPress.org and WordPress.com)
    16. Should I Create a Facebook Profile, Page, or Group for My Blog? Do I Have to Use LinkedIn, Twitter, and Other Social Tools, Too? (WordPress.org and WordPress.com)
    17. Comment Moderation Takes Too Much Time. Is It Really Necessary? (WordPress.org and WordPress.com)
    18. Is It Okay to Require Visitors to Register in Order to Leave Comments on My Blog Posts? (WordPress.org and WordPress.com)
    19. Should I Allow Pings and Trackbacks on My Blog Posts? (WordPress.org and WordPress.com)
    20. Can I Really Make Money from a WordPress Blog? (WordPress.com and WordPress.org)
    21. Do I Need to Know HTML and CSS to Use the Self-Hosted WordPress Application? (WordPress.org)
    22. Should I Upgrade to the Newest Version of WordPress? (WordPress.com and WordPress.org)
  13. Appendix C - Resources
    1. WordPress Help Sites
    2. CSS and HTML Help Sites
    3. Blog Host and Domain Registrar Sites
    4. WordPress Theme Sites
    5. WordPress Forum Tools
    6. WordPress Plug-Ins and Reviews
    7. FTP Tools
    8. Social Media Icons
    9. Social Networking Sites
    10. Social Networking Help Sites
    11. Social Bookmarking Sites
    12. Microblogging Sites
    13. Twitter Apps, Tools, and Reviews
    14. Twitter Help Sites
    15. URL Shorteners
    16. Free Image Sites
    17. Image-Sharing Sites
    18. Image-Editing Tools
    19. Video-Sharing Sites
    20. Podcast and Online Talk Show Sites
    21. WordPress Freelancer Sites
    22. General Blogging Help Sites
    23. Search Engine Optimization Help Sites
    24. Web Analytics Tools
    25. Feed Reader Tools
    26. Sites to Help Monetize Your Blog
    27. Books
  14. Index