The Complete Idiot's Guide to Windows 8

Book description

Microsoft® Windows® 8 is designed to mesh users digital lives seamlessly-from desktop to phone to tablet-by utilizing a look and feel that give users a new Windows experience. However, with all of this change comes new features that may catch old-school Windows users off guard.

In The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Microsoft® Windows® 8, veteran tech writer Paul McFedries uses his friendly style and wit to comfort experienced Windows users and newbies alike by explaining all the new features, as well as the old, and helping everyone overcome trepidation about using this completely updated look to the most popular desktop operating system in the world. Readers will learn how to use new features including tiles and the new home screen, how they can mesh their data with "the cloud," and much more. And, when all else fails, McFedries teaches users how they can easily and seamlessly toggle back to the "old" and familiar Windows look and feel, should the new experience prove to be a bit more change than desired.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Copyright
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
  7. Part 1: Getting to Know Windows 8
    1. 1 Windows 8: The 50¢ Tour
      1. Starting Windows 8
      2. Getting to Know the Start Screen
      3. Familiar Territory: The Desktop
        1. The Desktop
        2. The Taskbar
      4. A Few Mouse and Keyboard Fundamentals
        1. Basic Mouse Maneuvers
        2. Common Keyboard Conveniences
      5. A Touchy Subject: Using Windows 8 on a Tablet
      6. Shutting Down Windows for the Night
    2. 2 Making Things Happen: Launching and Controlling Programs
      1. Launching a Program
        1. A Look Around the Start Screen
        2. Navigating the Start Screen
        3. App City: Using the Apps Screen
        4. Searching for a Program
      2. Now What? Getting a Program to Do Something Useful
        1. Making Windows 8 Apps Move
        2. Selecting Commands from Pull-Down Menus
        3. Your Click Is My Command: Toolbar Basics
        4. Getting the Hang of the Ribbon
        5. Dealing with Dialog Boxes
      3. Switching from One Program to Another
        1. Switching Between Windows 8 Programs
        2. Switching Between Desktop Programs
      4. When Enough’s Enough: Quitting a Program
        1. Shutting Down a Windows 8 Program
        2. Shutting Down a Desktop Program
    3. 3 Working with Windows 8 Windows
      1. Artfully Arranging Windows 8 Windows
      2. Warming Up: A Desktop Window Walkabout
      3. Breaking a Sweat: Desktop Window Exercises
        1. Minimizing a Window
        2. Maximizing a Window
        3. Restoring a Window
        4. Moving a Window
        5. Sizing a Window
        6. Cascading and Stacking Windows
        7. Taking a Peek at the Desktop
      4. Window Weight Lifting: Using Scrollbars
      5. Scrolling with a Wheel Mouse
    4. 4 Saving, Opening, Printing, and Other Document Lore
      1. What on Earth Is a Document?
      2. Manufacturing a New Document
      3. The All-Important Save Command
        1. Saving a New Document
        2. Saving an Existing Document
        3. Checking Out the Windows 8 Libraries
        4. Using the Save As Command to Make a Copy of a Document
      4. Getting It Right: Text Editing for Beginners
      5. Closing a Document
      6. Opening an Existing Document
      7. Sending a Document to the Printer
    5. 5 Fiddling with Files and Folders
      1. Navigating with File Explorer
        1. Navigating to a File
        2. Getting Around in File Explorer
      2. Workaday File and Folder Maintenance
        1. Creating a New File, Folder, or Library
        2. Selecting Files and Folders
        3. Copying and Moving a File or Folder
        4. Including a Folder in a Library
        5. Renaming a File or Folder
        6. Previewing a File
        7. Deleting a File or Folder
        8. Creating a Compressed Folder
        9. Burning Files to a CD or DVD Disc
      3. Finding a File in That Mess You Call a Hard Disk
        1. Start Screen Searching
        2. As-You-Type Searching
      4. Shipping a File to Your SkyDrive
    6. 6 Installing and Removing Programs and Devices
      1. The Welcome Wagon: Installing a Program
        1. Installing from the Microsoft Store
        2. Installing Windows Live Essentials
        3. Installing a New Program
        4. Changing a Program’s Installed Components
      2. The Bum’s Rush: Removing a Program
        1. Getting Rid of a Windows 8 App
        2. Uninstalling a Windows Live Essentials Program
        3. Giving a Program the Heave-Ho
      3. Device Advice I: Installing Hardware
        1. Understanding Hardware Types
        2. Installing a Device Driver
      4. Device Advice II: Removing Hardware
    7. 7 Getting Onto the Internet
      1. What to Look for in an Internet Service Provider
        1. Heading Down the Broadband Highway
        2. Going Wireless
        3. Doing It with Dial-Up
      2. Getting Ready to Rumble: Gathering Information
      3. Getting Started on the Road to the Internet
      4. Making the Connection
      5. Setting Up a Microsoft Account
      6. Severing the Connection
  8. Part 2: Having Fun with Windows 8
    1. 8 Importing Images from a Scanner or Digital Camera
      1. Installing a Scanner or Digital Camera
      2. Getting Images from Your Scanner or Camera
        1. Importing Pictures from a Digital Camera
        2. Scanning an Image
      3. Dealing with Memory Cards and Other Removable Media
      4. Browsing Digital Camera Images
    2. 9 Managing Your Pictures with Windows 8
      1. The Alphabet Soup of Picture File Formats
      2. Fooling Around with the Photos App
      3. Getting Creative with the Camera App
      4. A Tour of the Pictures Library
        1. All Thumbs: Using the Thumbnail View
        2. A Closer Look: Previewing a Picture
        3. Setting Up an Image Slide Show
        4. Printing Pictures
      5. Browsing Images in the Windows Live Photo Gallery
        1. Grouping Images
        2. Tag, You’re It: Image Metadata and Tagging
        3. Quick Fixes: Making Image Adjustments
        4. Setting a Picture as the Desktop Background
    3. 10 Sights and Sounds: Windows 8’s Digital Media Tools
      1. Playing and Buying Music with the Music App
      2. Seeing What the Video App Can Do
      3. Getting There from Here with the Maps App
      4. Making Multimedia Whoopee with Media Player
        1. Giving Media Player Some Media to Play
        2. Let’s Make Some Noise: Playing Media
      5. Trying Out Media Player’s Audio CD Features
        1. Hard Disk Rock: Ripping Tracks from a CD
        2. Becoming a Program Director: Creating a Custom Playlist
        3. Rollin’ Your Own Music: Burning Tracks to a CD
      6. Movies, Tunes, and More: Running Media Center
        1. Making the Connection
        2. Firing Up Media Center
        3. Taking a Look Around
    4. 11 Making Movies with Windows 8
      1. Introducing Movie Maker
      2. What Hardware Do You Need to Use Movie Maker?
      3. A Tour of the Movie Maker Screen
      4. Importing Footage from a Video Camera
        1. Importing Existing Footage from a Video Camera
        2. Importing Live Footage from a Video Camera
      5. Starting a Fresh Movie Maker Project
      6. From Projector to Project: Creating Your Movie Project
        1. Adding a Video Clip to the Storyboard
        2. Using the Storyboard to Juggle Clips
        3. Trimming a Clip
        4. Adding a Transition Between Two Clips
        5. Adding Video Effects
        6. Adding a Soundtrack
      7. Outputting Your Project to a Movie File
  9. Part 3: Getting Things Done with Windows 8
    1. 12 Sharing Your Computer with Others
      1. Understanding These User-Account Doodads
      2. Creating a New Account
      3. Logging On to an Account
      4. Making Changes to an Existing Account
        1. Changing the Account Picture
        2. Changing the Account Password
        3. Creating a Picture Password
        4. Deleting an Account
      5. Sharing Documents with (or Hiding Them from) Other Users
      6. Protecting Your Kids with Family Safety
      7. Setting Up Your Very Own Wireless Network
        1. Getting Your Wireless Network Prepared
        2. Adding the Internet to Your Wireless Network
        3. Making the Wireless Connection
      8. Sharing Stuff with a Windows 8 Homegroup
        1. Creating a Homegroup
        2. Joining a Homegroup
    2. 13 Wandering the Web
      1. Internet Explorer: Two Paths to the Web
      2. Simple Surfing with the Internet Explorer App
      3. The Nuts and Bolts of Desktop Internet Explorer
      4. Web Page Navigation Basics
      5. Techniques for Efficient Web Gallivanting
        1. Saving Sites for Subsequent Surfs: Managing Your Favorites
        2. Order Out of Chaos: Searching for Sites
        3. One-Window Browsing: Surfing with Tabs
      6. Dealing with Files in Internet Explorer
    3. 14 Sending and Receiving Email
      1. Email Made Easy: Using the Mail App
        1. Checking for Messages
        2. Sending a Message
        3. Responding to a Message
        4. Dealing with Your Messages
        5. Sharing Files with Friends and Family
      2. Getting Started with Windows Live Mail
      3. Setting Up Your Internet Email Account
        1. The High Road: Quick Account Setup
        2. The Low Road: Configuring an Account by Hand
      4. The Lay of the Windows Live Mail Land
      5. The Outbox: Sending an Email Message
        1. The Basics: Composing and Sending a Message
        2. Easier Addressing: Using the Contacts List
        3. Inserting Attachments and Other Hangers-On
      6. The Inbox: Getting and Reading Email Messages
        1. Getting Your Messages
        2. Reading Your Messages
        3. Attending to Attachments
        4. What to Do with a Message After You’ve Read It
      7. Manufacturing New Message Folders
    4. 15 Places to Go, People to See: Getting Social with Windows 8
      1. Using the People App
        1. Adding Contacts
        2. Connecting Your Social Networks
      2. Using the Calendar App
        1. Navigating the Calendar
        2. Adding an Event
      3. Using Windows Live Mail’s Calendar
        1. Navigating the Calendar Window
        2. Changing the Calendar View
        3. Time Traveling: Changing the Date
        4. Setting Your Social Schedule: Entering Events
        5. Adding an Appointment
        6. Creating a Recurring Appointment
        7. Scheduling an All-Day Event
    5. 16 Fax-It-Yourself: Using Windows 8’s Faxing Features
      1. Running Windows Fax and Scan
        1. Creating a Fax Account
        2. Entering Some Personal Data
      2. Using Fax as a Verb: Sending a Fax
        1. Faxing a Simple Note
        2. Faxing a Document
        3. Faxing a Hard Copy from a Scanner
      3. “Incoming!” Receiving a Fax
        1. Setting Up Fax Receiving
        2. Handling Incoming Calls
    6. 17 Windows 8 and Your Portable PC
      1. Your One-Stop Portable Shop: The Mobility Center
      2. Better Battery Life Through Power Management
        1. Keeping an Eye on Battery Life
        2. Power to the People: Specifying a Power Plan
        3. Cobbling Together Your Own Power Plan
        4. Configuring Your Portable PC’s Power Buttons
      3. Setting Up Your Portable PC for a Presentation
  10. Part 4: Customizing, Maintaining, and Troubleshooting
    1. 18 Customizing the Desktop
      1. Why Customize?
      2. Changing the Desktop Background
      3. Populating the Desktop
        1. Adding Desktop Icons
        2. Adding Program Shortcuts
        3. Changing an Icon
      4. Screen Saver Silliness
      5. Changing the Desktop Colors
      6. Changing the Screen Resolution
    2. 19 Revamping the Start Screen and Taskbar
      1. A Smart Start: Reconstructing the Start Screen
        1. Rearranging Start Screen Tiles
        2. Grouping Start Screen Tiles
        3. Turning Off Live Tiles
        4. Pinning a Program to the Start Screen
        5. Pinning a Website to the Start Screen
        6. Removing a Tile from the Start Screen
      2. Renovating the Taskbar
        1. Pinning a Program to the Taskbar
        2. Unlocking the Taskbar
        3. Taskbar Travels: Moving and Sizing the Taskbar
        4. Some Useful Taskbar Options
        5. Getting Control of the Notification Area
    3. 20 Maintaining Your System in 10 Easy Steps
      1. Step 1: Check Your Hard Disk for Errors
      2. Step 2: Check Free Disk Space
      3. Step 3: Delete Unnecessary Files
      4. Step 4: Defragment Your Hard Disk
      5. Step 5: Set System Restore Points
      6. Step 6: Back Up Your Files
      7. Step 7: Create a System Image Backup
      8. Step 8: Create a Recovery Drive
      9. Step 9: Check for Solutions to Problems
      10. Step 10: Set Up a Maintenance Schedule
    4. 21 Keeping You and Your Computer Safe
      1. Squashing Spyware with Windows Defender
      2. Working with Email Safely and Securely
        1. Protecting Yourself Against Email Viruses
        2. Using the Junk Mail Filter to Can Spam
        3. Setting the Junk Email Protection Level
        4. Specifying Safe Senders
        5. Blocking Senders
      3. Caveat Surfer: Internet Explorer and Security
        1. Avoiding the Lures of Scammers with the SmartScreen Filter
        2. Covering Your Tracks: Deleting Your Browsing History
        3. Your Own Private Web: InPrivate Browsing
        4. Blocking Pop-Up Windows
    5. 22 Troubleshooting and Recovering from Problems
      1. Determining the Source of the Problem
      2. General Troubleshooting Tips
      3. Restoring a Previous Version of a File
      4. Entering the Recovery Environment
        1. Getting to the RE Using PC Settings
        2. Getting to the RE Using a Recovery Drive
        3. Getting to the RE Using the Windows 8 Install Media
      5. Recovering from a Problem
        1. Booting Up in Safe Mode
        2. Automatically Repairing Your PC
        3. Recovering Using System Restore
        4. Refreshing Your PC
        5. Restoring a System Image
  11. Appendixes
    1. The Complete Idiot’s Keyboard Command Reference
  12. Index
  13. About the Author

Product information

  • Title: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Windows 8
  • Author(s): Paul McFedries
  • Release date: October 2012
  • Publisher(s): Alpha
  • ISBN: 9781615642939