The Connected Apple Family: Discover the Rich Apple Ecosystem of the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and AppleTV

Book description

Most of us know how to use an iPhone for some activities and a Mac for others, but the experience is much richer when our Apple products work together. Bypass the frustration of wrangling separate devices and tap into Apple’s hardware and software ecosystem. From streaming movies across devices to sharing music, apps, and calendars between friends and family members, Apple’s products are designed to work together, to your and your family’s benefit.

Jeff and Dan show you how to

  • Set up Family Sharing and designate a Family Organizer

  • Share music, movies, and apps among family members

  • Manage passwords and stay safe, including tips on creating good passwords and using Touch ID

  • Share essential information, including calendars, contacts, reminders, maps, and files 

  • Control a family member’s screen remotely for easier longdistance troubleshooting

  • Back up your irreplaceable data, whether it’s on iOS devices (iCloud and iTunes) or your Mac (Time Machine)

  • Be smart (and safe!) and create a bootable Mac backup

  • Welcome the newest member of the Apple family, the Apple Watch, and learn how it will extend your current devices

  • Packed with full-color images and step-by-step instructions, this invaluable guide will quickly help you get Apple devices and apps working to their full potential for your family.

    Table of contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Dedication Page
    4. Acknowledgments
    5. Contents
    6. Introduction
      1. Notes About This Book
    7. Chapter 1. Welcome to the Apple Family
      1. The Basics of Family Sharing
      2. Set Up the Family Organizer
        1. iOS 8
        2. OS X Yosemite
      3. Invite Family Members
      4. Create an Apple ID for a Child
        1. iOS 8
        2. OS X Yosemite
      5. Convert an Existing Apple ID to a Child ID
      6. Edit a Shared Family
    8. Chapter 2. Share Apps and Media
      1. Purchase Media
        1. Auto-Install on Your Other Devices
        2. Ask to Buy
        3. Set Up an Adult as a Parent/Guardian
        4. Set Up a Monthly Allowance
      2. Share Purchased Apps and Media
      3. Home Sharing
        1. Share Media via Home Sharing
        2. Import Media via Home Sharing
      4. iTunes Match
      5. Movie Rentals
        1. Transfer a Rental from iTunes
      6. Apple TV
        1. Play Media Using Family Sharing
        2. Play Media Using Home Sharing
        3. Play Media via AirPlay
      7. Photos
        1. iCloud Photo Library
        2. My Photo Stream
        3. iCloud Photo Sharing
          1. Share photos with the Family Sharing group
          2. Photo sharing outside the Family group
        4. View Photos on the Apple TV
      8. Set Up Restrictions
        1. Enable Restrictions
        2. Restrict Apps
          1. Restrict app purchases and installations
        3. Restrict Content
          1. Restrict Web sites
        4. Privacy
        5. People
        6. Time Limits (OS X)
        7. Access Logs (OS X)
    9. Chapter 3. Communicate
      1. Text Messaging
        1. iMessage vs. SMS Texting
        2. Set Up iMessage Addresses
        3. Send and Receive Texts
          1. Text message forwarding
        4. Images and Video
          1. iOS
          2. OS X
        5. Audio
        6. Sharing Location in the Messages App
        7. Messaging in Groups
        8. Conversation History
      2. Video and Audio FaceTime Calls
        1. Make FaceTime Calls
        2. Receive FaceTime Calls
        3. Choose Where You Can Be Reached for FaceTime
      3. Phone Calls from Your Mac or iPad
      4. Multiparty Video Chats
        1. Skype
        2. Google Hangouts
      5. Location
        1. Messages
        2. Find My Friends
          1. Location alerts using geofences
        3. Find My iPhone
        4. Family Sharing and Location
      6. Personal Hotspot
    10. Chapter 4. Passwords and Security
      1. Passcodes on iOS
        1. Do You Have Touch ID? Use It
        2. Additional Passcode Options
      2. Mac Security
        1. User security
          1. Security & Privacy preferences
        2. FileVault
        3. Master Password
      3. iCloud Keychain
        1. First Setup
        2. Subsequent Devices
        3. Using iCloud Keychain
          1. Usernames and passwords in iCloud Keychain
          2. Credit cards in iCloud Keychain
        4. Removing a Device
      4. 1Password
        1. In the Vault
        2. Browser Integration
        3. Syncing
        4. Multiple Vaults
      5. Find a Lost Device
        1. Enabling Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod/Mac
        2. Finding a Device
        3. Lost Mode
        4. Lock Your Mac
        5. Erase Device
        6. Third-Party Tools
    11. Chapter 5. Share Essential Information
      1. Handoff
      2. Calendars
        1. Family Sharing
        2. iCloud Sharing
      3. Reminders
        1. Family Sharing
        2. Shared Reminders
      4. Contacts
      5. Maps
        1. Hand Off Maps
        2. Share Maps
      6. Share Files with Others
        1. AirDrop
        2. iMessage and Texting
      7. iCloud Drive
      8. Screen Sharing
        1. Share a Mac’s Screen
          1. On a local network
          2. Via Messages
        2. View or Record an iOS Device on a Mac
    12. Chapter 6. Back Up Important Data
      1. Back Up an iOS Device to iCloud
        1. Managing Space
        2. Restoring from Backup
      2. Back Up an iOS Device to iTunes
        1. Restore from iTunes
      3. Back Up a Mac to Time Machine
        1. Back Up Using Time Machine
        2. Manage Backups
        3. Restore Files
        4. Restore Your Mac from Time Machine
      4. Make Bootable Mac Backups
        1. Create a SuperDuper Backup
      5. Offsite Backups
        1. Disk Swapping
        2. CrashPlan
          1. Set up CrashPlan
        3. Dropbox
    13. Chapter 7. The Apple Future
      1. The Apple Watch
        1. Communicate
        2. Essential Information
        3. Media
        4. Fitness
      2. Health Apps and Devices
      3. Home Apps and Devices
    14. Index

    Product information

    • Title: The Connected Apple Family: Discover the Rich Apple Ecosystem of the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and AppleTV
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: December 2014
    • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
    • ISBN: 9780134036311