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The Creative Fight: Create Your Best Work and Live the Life You Imagine

Book Description

Creativity is not a gift for a select few, but an ongoing process of growth and self-realization available to anyone who puts in the effort to pursue the spark. In this book, Chris Orwig offers a unique perspective on the creative process, showing you how to find meaning in your work, be inspired, and discover the life for which you were designed.
With thoughtful and engaging chapters such as “Keep the Edges Wild,” “Einstein’s Game of Connect the Dots,” and “Grit and Glory,” Chris presents each concept through personal examples—his own and others’—showing how to live a more creative and meaningful life.
Drawn from his 12 years as a faculty member at the prestigious Brooks Institute as well as his experience leading creative inspiration and photography workshops and speaking on global stages, Chris’s stories are designed to teach you how to discover your own creative voice. Each chapter includes exercises to help you incorporate what you’ve learned and connect the topics directly to your own experience.

  • Features the friendly, approachable voice of Chris Orwig, whose photography, teaching, and speaking have inspired countless aspiring amateurs and professionals alike

  • Includes exercises in every chapter to help you put the concepts you learned into practice

  • Offers an elegant design filled with the author’s original photographs captured to visually support the ideas discussed in the book

  • For resources and inspiration, check out the book's companion site, thecreativefight.com. 

    Table of Contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Dedication Page
    4. Table of Contents
    5. Introduction
    6. Part One: Begin
      1. Chapter One. Not What It Seems
        1. Never Give Up
        2. Creativity Isn’t Cute
        3. Creativity Isn’t Weak
        4. The Fight Begins
      2. Chapter Two. Defining the Fight
        1. Don’t Quit Your Day Job
      3. Chapter Three. The Ladder
        1. Reaching for a Rung
        2. Recovering What Is Lost
        3. Finding What Is Real
      4. Chapter Four. Creativity in Spite of Age
        1. Schools Kill Creativity
        2. Creativity and Getting Old
        3. Unlearning Helplessness
        4. The Creative Dentist
      5. Chapter Five. Creativity and Sliced Bread
        1. The Creative Process in Action
      6. Chapter Six. Twinkies, a Frog, and Grapes
        1. The Essence of Creativity
        2. Sorry, Mom
        3. Holy Mirrors and Wine
      7. Chapter Seven. Einstein’s Game of Connecting the Dots
        1. The World’s Worst Computer Name
        2. Inventor or Sponge? You Decide
      8. Chapter Eight. Critical Creativity
        1. The Demise of the Devil’s Advocate
        2. Define a Paradigm
        3. Develop a Plan
    7. Part Two: The Journey
      1. Chapter Nine. Blind Passion
        1. Mind Before Heart
      2. Chapter Ten. Magnetic North
        1. Dream, Discover, and Die
        2. Regret
        3. Mistake
        4. Help
      3. Chapter Eleven. The Vow
        1. The Songless Man
        2. Imagine Finally Being Able to Sing
      4. Chapter Twelve. Beautiful Mistakes
        1. The Pitfalls of Perfectionism
        2. Creative Growth
      5. Chapter Thirteen. The Creative Flow
        1. Why Students Succeed
        2. Critique and the Boomerang Effect
        3. Confronting Fear
        4. Identity and Creative Flow
      6. Chapter Fourteen. Survival
        1. The Uncreative Parent
        2. Adaptation
        3. Rock-Filled Shoes
      7. Chapter Fifteen. Lucky You
        1. What Is Your Legend?
        2. Wellspring of Energy
        3. Are You Lucky?
        4. Better Odds and More Luck
      8. Chapter Sixteen. Talent or Tenacity
        1. Rock On
        2. Never Give Up
        3. The Secret to Success
        4. Time Used Well
        5. A Father’s Advice
        6. Average Isn’t Bad
    8. Part Three: Drive
      1. Chapter Seventeen. There and Back Again
        1. Driving the Curves
        2. Taking Charge
      2. Chapter Eighteen. Why Versus What
        1. Before the What, the Why
        2. The What Is the Surface
        3. One Wild and Precious Life
      3. Chapter Nineteen. Slow Is Fast
        1. Slow Down to Accomplish More
        2. Burn
      4. Chapter Twenty. Good to Great
        1. Hidden Truths
        2. The Curse of Good Enough
      5. Chapter Twenty-One. Grit and Glory
        1. An Uphill Climb
        2. Courage, Resolve, and Strength
        3. The Greatness of Grit
        4. Two Shoes
        5. Accidents and Hope
        6. Grit Lessons
      6. Chapter Twenty-Two. The Burnt Book
        1. A Twisting, Swerving Path
        2. Youer Than You
        3. Be Real and Find Hope
      7. Chapter Twenty-Three. Unstuck and Free
        1. The Tram Ride
        2. A Life Ring Shaped Like a Small Box
        3. Gutter Palm
        4. Strategies for Breaking Free
      8. Chapter Twenty-Four. The Missing Muse
        1. Hard Work Isn’t Enough
        2. Ideals Are Easy
        3. The Visitation
        4. Adrift
        5. Many Muses
        6. Thin Places and Myth
    9. Part Four: Thrive
      1. Chapter Twenty-Five. Picture Perfect
        1. Creative Optimism
        2. Untangled
        3. Unleashed
      2. Chapter Twenty-Six. Silence and Solitude
        1. Profound Silence
        2. Solitude
      3. Chapter Twenty-Seven. Distracted by Distractions
        1. The Pause Between the Notes
        2. Habitually Distracted
        3. Switch-Tasking
        4. Double Doors and Tortoise Shells
      4. Chapter Twenty-Eight. Habitat
        1. Tall Trees and Shallow Roots
        2. A Shack, a Hut, and a Glass Room
        3. Oasis
        4. Greenhouse
      5. Chapter Twenty-Nine. The Creative Craft
        1. The Siren’s Call
        2. Seeing the Unseen
        3. Clouds and Rain
        4. Humanity
      6. Chapter Thirty. Fuel the Fire
        1. Living the Dream
        2. A Match Made in Heaven
      7. Chapter Thirty-One. The Power of Play
        1. Little Boxes Can Be Lots of Fun
        2. Lead Versus Ink
        3. You Can’t Play in Your Grave
      8. Chapter Thirty-Two. Unlikely Education
        1. A School Without Walls
        2. Free Advice
        3. Suffering and Light
    10. Part Five: Time
      1. Chapter Thirty-Three. Keep the Edges Wild
        1. Beautiful Mystery
        2. Enormously Small
        3. Becoming Real
        4. Cracks and Light
      2. Chapter Thirty-Four. Nothing to Lose
        1. Life Distilled
        2. Before I Die
        3. Life from Death
      3. Chapter Thirty-Five. Ignite
        1. The Unwritten Speech
        2. The Wild and Wonderful Dream
        3. Ignited ideas
        4. Overcoming Resistance
      4. Chapter Thirty-Six. Wake Up
        1. Sunsets and Comfortable Chairs
        2. Limitation and Loss
        3. Stitch By Stitch
      5. Chapter Thirty-Seven. The Brevity of Life
        1. The Weight of Time
        2. The Visitation
        3. A Broken Heart
        4. The Old and Wise King
        5. Pain and Joy
      6. Chapter Thirty-Eight. Iterate and Innovate
        1. Mind the Gap
        2. Man’s Best Friend
        3. Enter the Dragon
        4. The Purpose of Practice
      7. Chapter Thirty-Nine. The Freedom of Constraint
        1. Rules. Rules. Rules.
        2. Composition with Limited Means
        3. Too Much Gear
      8. Chapter Forty. Gratitude
        1. SaltWater and Blood
        2. Gratitude That Saves
        3. The Thief Who Stole a Gift
        4. The Most Important Choice
    11. Conclusion
    12. Thanks
    13. Index