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The Critical Turn in Tourism Studies

Book Description

In today’s increasingly complex tourism environment, decision-making requires a rounded, well-informed view of the whole. Critical distance should be encouraged, consultation and intellectual rigour should be the norm amongst managers and there needs to be a radical shift in our approach to educating future tourism and hospitality managers and researchers.

This second edition intends to move the debate forward by exploring how critical tourism inquiry can make a difference in the world, linking tourism education driven by the values of empowerment, partnership and ethics to policy and practice. This volume is designed to enable its reader to think through vital concepts and theories relating to tourism and hospitality management, stimulate critical thinking and use multidisciplinary perspectives. The book is organized around three key ways of producing social change in and through tourism: critical thinking, critical education and critical action. Part one focuses on the importance of critical thinking in tourism research and deals with two key topics of our academic endeavours (i) tourism epistemology and theoretical and conceptual developments; (ii) research entanglements, knowledge production and reflexivity. Part two considers ‘the university as a site for activism’ by mapping out the moral, academic and practical role of educators in developing ethical and responsible graduates and explores the student experience. The final part attempts to provide new understandings of the ways in which social justice and social transformation can be achieved in and through tourism.

This timely and thought provoking book which collectively questions tourism’s current and future role in societal development is essential reading for students, researchers and academics interested in Tourism & Hospitality.

Table of Contents

  1. Front Cover
  2. The Critical Turn in Tourism Studies
  3. Routledge advances in tourism
  4. Title Page
  5. Copyright
  6. Dedication
  7. Contents
  8. List of figures, exhibits and tables
  9. List of contributors
  10. Foreword: dialectical thinking and critical pedagogy –towards a critical tourism studies
  11. Acknowledgements
  12. Introduction: creating an academy of hope: an enquiry–learning–action nexus
  13. Part I Critical tourism research
    1. 1 Researcher reflexivity in tourism studies research: dynamical dances with emotions
    2. 2 The political ends of tourism: voices and narratives of Silwan/the City of David in East Jerusalem
    3. 3 The challenge of critical approaches to rural tourism studies and practice
    4. 4 The under-conceptualisations of tourism studies: the case for postdisciplinary knowing
  14. Part II Critical tourism education
    1. 5 The Tourism Education Futures Initiative (TEFI): activating change in tourism education
    2. 6 From copyright to copyleft: towards tourism education 2.0
    3. 7 Critical thinking in the tourism curriculum
    4. 8 Thinking inside the box: understanding discursive production and consumption in tourism
    5. 9 To act as though the future mattered: a framework for hopeful tourism education
  15. Part III Critical action in ‘the tourism world’
    1. 10 Hotel Bauen: an exploratory case study in justice tourism
    2. 11 The dialectics of war, peace and tourism
    3. 12 Pacifists and partygoers? Young Antipodeans visiting Gallipoli war sites
    4. 13 Diverse economies and alternative economic practices in tourism
    5. 14 Hotel Transvaal and molar lines as a tool to open up spaces of hospitality
  16. Epilogue: hopeful tourism: an unfolding perspective
  17. Index