Chapter 15Experienced Crowd Funders Share Their Secrets

There are two important pieces of advice you should follow as you begin planning your own reward-based crowd funding campaign. First, become active on several crowd funding platforms as a backer. This will allow you to experience firsthand how these services work and get a feel for the types of interactions project creators can have with their backers.

By exploring the various platforms, you can also see for yourself what types of campaigns are currently working, watch dozens of promotional videos for other campaigns to help you develop an approach and strategy for your own campaign’s video, and see the types of creative rewards and benefits other project creators are offering to their backers. All of this research will prove to be extremely valuable as you develop your own campaign in hopes of getting your project funded.

Second, seek out project creators who have already successfully used crowd funding, and try to learn from their experiences. This final chapter will help you get started with this aspect of your research.

Here, you’ll read in-depth interviews with a handful of people from various backgrounds, each of whom has been directly involved with crowd funding using one ...

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