Chapter 1What Is an Organizational Constitution and Why Do You Need One?

You sense it the moment you step onto the Southwest Airlines plane.

Flight attendants greet you with a hearty, “Welcome aboard!” They look you squarely in the eye and give you a big smile.

One asks how your day has been and genuinely listens to your answer as they walk with you up the aisle to your chosen seat.

What you sense and feel so readily is that Southwest Airlines employees care. They enjoy what they do. They enjoy their teammates. They enjoy their customers.

They willingly engage with customers and teammates and have fun with both. And, they have fun while flying customers safely to their destinations, consistently on time (arrivals and departures), and with one of the lowest incidences of lost luggage in the industry.

Southwest delivers top performance while serving customers happily.

Or, you may be shopping on You don't see the shoe model you'd like online so you call their toll-free phone number (which is prominently displayed on every page). As you dial, you realize it's 1:00 a.m.

No worries. Zappos team members are available 24/7. Carmen answers the phone and cheerily asks how she can help you. You explain that the website doesn't show the shoe you're looking for.

Carmen says, “Let's see if I can find a shoe that you might love!” Within moments, Carmen suggests two models with similar features and styling. She points you to their web page on so you can view them and ...

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