I’ve learned that just about everything in life is a team sport and writing this playbook is no exception. I am grateful to you, the reader, for taking your position on the cybersecurity field. And I am indebted to the following individuals for your selfless contributions in making this book possible:

Steve Grobman for your brilliance in translating complex concepts into practical prescriptions. Your technical genius is rivaled only by your deft ability to communicate.

Chatelle Lynch for being a visionary in your field and cultivating an environment for a world-class culture to thrive. You show me every day what it means to play to win.

Mark Murray for your masterful storytelling skills. It’s an honor to partner with you in creating amazing and memorable moments.

Chris Chaffin for giving me invaluable feedback throughout the writing process . . . and doing so while on vacation, no less!

Giulia Mucciarelli for your incomparable talent in creating beautiful designs, including contributing to a cover I’m proud to display on my bookshelf.

Morgan Bell, Gavin Donovan, and Kevin Easterwood for meticulously poring over each chapter with an eye for factual and technical accuracy.

Jonathan Rozek for your unwavering tenacity in researching multiple aspects of such a thorny topic.

Robert Green and Adam Rosenblatt for designing and executing a brilliant research study that tapped into the cultural pulse of cybersecurity in today’s workplace.

Michael Marto for lending your ...

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