About the Author

Allison Cerra found her life’s calling at 18 years of age, when she fortuitously stumbled into a lifelong career of marketing complex technologies. She brings a practical approach to demystifying the confluence of significant technology trends—including mobility, cloud, big data, security, and collaboration—and signaling where these forces could lead cultures in the future. Whether in dissecting how broadband upends traditional economies, how technology influences and reflects company culture, how virtual and physical worlds converge to create a new human psyche, or how bad actors are motivated to challenge our digital freedom, she has explored the intersection of technology, incentives, and behaviors in several books. In 2015, motivated by a desire to stand on the good side of a fight too important to lose, Cerra joined McAfee, where she currently marries her calling for marketing with a cause of educating unwitting participants in a virtual battle that is underestimated, if not ignored, by far too many.

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