CHAPTER 3“Good Morning, This Is Your Wakeup Call.”

I would say I have never knowingly violated my company’s cybersecurity policy. And yet, I feel that the larger problem overall is that there’s not always clear communication about what the policies are. These things tend to be glossed over by managers all the time because they themselves are not always savvy as to what all the rules are. I think the reason for this is the majority of people do not understand all the implications of their actions when it comes to cybersecurity and protecting company information. And many people within organizations do their best in terms of trying to be safe using technology. But that is a constant battle being waged by IT groups within almost every company.

Respondent, McAfee Online Ethnographic Study

I grew up with a healthy respect for authority. My mom and dad were on the stricter side. They expected me to comply with reasonable rules. Do your homework. Be home by curfew. Clean your room. Respect your elders. The stuff of building a responsible and contributing member of society.

So when I got a voicemail from my mom early one weekend morning telling me someone from law enforcement was looking for me, I couldn’t reach for my phone fast enough.

  • “Allie, there’s a sheriff in Nashville who just called here looking for you. He says there’s a warrant out for you for a missed court appearance in Davidson County.”

My heart started racing as I listened to my mom frantically giving me this sheriff’s ...

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