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The DAMA Dictionary of Data Management

Book Description

A glossary of over 2,000 terms which provides a common data management vocabulary for IT and Business professionals, and is a companion to the DAMA Data Management Body of Knowledge (DAMA-DMBOK). This glossary comes as a physical book (see ISBN 9781935504122). Topics include:

  • Analytics & Data Mining

  • Architecture

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Business Analysis

  • DAMA & Professional Development

  • Databases & Database Design

  • Database Administration

  • Data Governance & Stewardship

  • Data Management

  • Data Modeling

  • Data Movement & Integration

  • Data Quality Management

  • Data Security Management

  • Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

  • Document, Record & Content Management

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Geospatial Data

  • Knowledge Management

  • Marketing & Customer Relationship Management

  • Meta-Data Management

  • Multi-dimensional & OLAP

  • Normalization

  • Object-Orientation

  • Parallel Database Processing

  • Planning

  • Process Management

  • Project Management

  • Reference & Master Data Management

  • Semantic Modeling

  • Software Development

  • Standards Organizations

  • Structured Query Language (SQL)

  • XML Development


DAMA International is a not-for-profit, vendor-independent association of technical and business professionals dedicated to advancing the concepts and practices for data resource management and enterprise information. The primary purpose of DAMA International is to promote the understanding, development, and practice of managing data and information to support business strategies. DAMA International has chapters throughout the world. As a DAMA member you receive the benefits of your local chapter's activities. You can network with other professionals to share ideas, trends, problems, and solutions. You will receive a discount at DAMA International conferences and seminars, and on associated vendor's products and services. DAMA also has a virtual Global chapter. As a member of the Global chapter, you receive all the benefits of DAMA International.