The Data and Analytics Playbook

Book description

The Data and Analytics Playbook: Proven Methods for Governed Data and Analytic Quality explores the way in which data continues to dominate budgets, along with the varying efforts made across a variety of business enablement projects, including applications, web and mobile computing, big data analytics, and traditional data integration.

The book teaches readers how to use proven methods and accelerators to break through data obstacles to provide faster, higher quality delivery of mission critical programs. Drawing upon years of practical experience, and using numerous examples and an easy to understand playbook, Lowell Fryman, Gregory Lampshire, and Dan Meers discuss a simple, proven approach to the execution of multiple data oriented activities. In addition, they present a clear set of methods to provide reliable governance, controls, risk, and exposure management for enterprise data and the programs that rely upon it.

In addition, they discuss a cost-effective approach to providing sustainable governance and quality outcomes that enhance project delivery, while also ensuring ongoing controls. Example activities, templates, outputs, resources, and roles are explored, along with different organizational models in common use today and the ways they can be mapped to leverage playbook data governance throughout the organization.

  • Provides a mature and proven playbook approach (methodology) to enabling data governance that supports agile implementation
  • Features specific examples of current industry challenges in enterprise risk management, including anti-money laundering and fraud prevention
  • Describes business benefit measures and funding approaches using exposure based cost models that augment risk models for cost avoidance analysis and accelerated delivery approaches using data integration sprints for application, integration, and information delivery success

Table of contents

  1. Cover image
  2. Title page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Author Biographies
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Introduction
  9. Chapter 1. Purpose, Scope and Audience
    1. Spotting the Need for Data and Analytics Governance: Industry Examples
    2. What This Book Is About and Why It Is Needed Now
    3. Basic Concepts
    4. The Playbook as an Organizing Process Model
    5. What You Can Get From This Book
    6. Summary
  10. Chapter 2. Executive Call to Action—How Chief Data Officers and Business Sponsors Can Empower Results
    1. Executive Call to Action—What Do We Need From You?
    2. Scope and Focus Area Definition
    3. Traditional Approach to (Data) Governance
    4. Data Leadership Cycle—Framing Your Mandate
    5. Data Leadership Roles—Leveraging More Than the CDO—The Power of Data Officers
    6. Summing It Up
  11. Chapter 3. Assessing Conditions, Controls and Capabilities
    1. Assessment Methods
    2. Assessing Data Controls: Audit and Balance Controls
    3. Controls Reporting—ABC Control Levels
    4. Capability Measurement
    5. Data and Analytic Conditions Reporting—A Risk and Exposure Approach
    6. Overall Reporting and Visualization
    7. Summary
  12. Chapter 4. Detailed Playbook Activities
    1. Playbook Framework: Capability Orientation
    2. Playbook Framework: Capabilities
    3. Playbook Framework: Activities
    4. Playbook Framework
  13. Chapter 5. Aligning the Language of Business: The Business Glossary
    1. Why Do We Need a Business Glossary?
    2. What Is a Business Glossary?
    3. The Glossary Is a Critical Deliverable of the Data Governance Team
    4. Identifying Users of the Business Glossary
    5. Creating the Business Glossary Structure
    6. The Standards of a Business Glossary
    7. Creating Business Terms Definitions and Term Names
    8. Best Practices
    9. Creating Glossary Taxonomies and Hierarchies (Ontology/Taxonomy)
    10. Business Glossary for Big data Analytics
  14. Chapter 6. The Business Data Governance Toolkit
    1. Chapter Overview
    2. Data Governance Technology Considerations
    3. Method for Technology Selection Overview
    4. Categories and Sections for DG Technology Selection
    5. Process for Evaluation Scoring
    6. What Happens After Scoring (We Are Done, Right?)
    7. Technology Leaders to Consider Today
  15. Chapter 7. Playbook Deployment
    1. What Do We Mean by Deployment?
    2. Mapping Your Deployment Priorities
    3. The Overall Process of Deployment Planning
    4. Deployment Patterns
    5. Communicating Data Sprints
    6. Data Risk and Exposure
    7. Deployment Scoping and Planning
    8. Conclusion
  16. Chapter 8. Data Governance as an Operations Process
    1. Operations
    2. Planning and Acquiring the Budget
    3. Iterations
    4. Extending the Reach
    5. Corporate Politics
    6. Customizing and Maintaining the Playbook
  17. Chapter 9. Governing Big Data and Analytics
    1. Big Data
    2. Personal Big Data
    3. Governing Big Data in Large and Small Ways
    4. Conclusion
  18. Chapter 10. Rapid Playbook Deployment
    1. A Sense of Urgency
    2. Identify Your Highest Value Target Areas
    3. Smart Scoping
    4. Getting Help
  19. Bibliography
  20. Glossary of Terms
  21. Index

Product information

  • Title: The Data and Analytics Playbook
  • Author(s): Lowell Fryman, Gregory Lampshire, Dan Meers
  • Release date: August 2016
  • Publisher(s): Morgan Kaufmann
  • ISBN: 9780128025475