Governed Organizations: Moving Beyond Data to Business Process Automation
The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.
Governed organizations are rare breeds. Nonetheless, they have a few things in common. They trust their data, and that trust allows them to confidently automate many processes. Governed organizations are way ahead of the competition in compliance, customer relations, and operational efficiency.
This chapter explains that the key difference between proactive and governed organizations is in two major technology areas:
• Multidomain master data management
• Business process automation
The interesting thing about reaching this stage is that the proactive organization has already done the groundwork to move to the governed stage. From a technology standpoint, the next step chiefly involves further integration and cross-functional solutions. But the really hard work, the culture shift and behavioral shift, was necessary in moving to proactive.
1. Data quality and data governance should never be considered a one-time project. A quality culture must be established as an ongoing, continuous process.
2. No organization can tackle enterprise-wide data quality and data governance all at once. To be successful, your journey must be evolutionary. Start small and take achievable steps that can be measured along the way.
Governed organizations trust their data. They have spent time and resources ...

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