We feel that universal patterns for data models are a significant contribution to the field of data modeling. However, this book would not have been possible without the insights and interaction of our clients and other advocates that have helped to challenge our thinking and advance these patterns. We feel strongly that the relationships that we have with our clients are a mutually beneficial learning experience. As we impart our knowledge of Universal Patterns for Data Modeling and Universal Data Models™, we learn from our clients about the needs and wants of their enterprises. This has been an invaluable input in the evolution of the universal patterns for data models and what you will find in this book. We are extraordinarily grateful to all of our clients, partners, seminar participants, and all those who have provided input and insights, thus helping to advance these patterns. We feel so appreciative that many of these people have become friends and partners with whom we have shared rich experiences.

From among the many people who have contributed to helping us promote, use, and evolve universal models and patterns, we want to thank Aidan Doyle, Ajia Palomaki, Alireza Hasanpour, Andre Boeder, Andy Pozsol, Bongsoo Chong, Cesar Estrada, Chris Nickerson, Craig Rapley, Dan Adler, David Chasteen, Ed Smith, Greg Sorum, Herman Koester, Jagannadha Ghanta and Jan-Erik Osterberg, John Poonnen, John Yelle, Karen Vitone, Ken Bates, Kevin Morris, Kristiina Lammila, Leyla ...

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