How to Use the Volume 2 Industry Electronic Products

The data models in this book are available in an electronic format and can be licensed and downloaded via the Web site, Each industry model contains electronic versions of the diagrams, SQL scripts to implement the models on various database platforms, and reports listing the entities, tables, attributes, columns, subject data areas, relationships, and other model information for that industry. The electronic components for each industry product include the diagrams, SQL, and reports for the entities, attributes, and relationships that are listed in that industry’s chapter and associated appendix. For instance, the manufacturing electronic product includes all the diagrams from Chapter 2, all the SQL code to implement the entities and attributes in Appendix A, and numerous reports listing and cross-referencing the database objects for the manufacturing industry models in this book.

The CD-ROM in the back of this book contains demo files to illustrate what you can expect from the Volume 2 industry models. The CD-ROM contains a directory, \v2 demo, which includes a sample diagram, SQL code, and reports for a single data model from Volume 2 (V2:4.7 Health care delivery) to illustrate the type of content you can expect in the electronic Industry Download products. Of course, the industry electronic products will include the diagrams, SQL code, and reports for the entire industry as described by the related ...

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