Chapter 11. Real-Time ETL Systems

Building a real-time data warehouse ETL solution demands classifying some often slippery business objectives, understanding a diverse set of technologies, having an awareness of some pragmatic approaches that have been successfully employed by others, and developing engineering flexibility and creativity. This field remains young, with new technologies, emergent methodologies, and new vocabularies. Clearly, this situation can be a recipe for trouble, but real-time data warehousing also offers early adopters great potential to gain a competitive advantage—an intriguing risk versus reward trade-off. This chapter proposes a four-step process to guide the experienced data warehousing professional through the selection of an appropriate real-time ETL technical architecture and methodology:

  1. This chapter examines the historical and business contexts of the state of the art real-time data warehouse—providing some How did we get here? and Where are we going? background.

  2. Next, it describes a method for classifying your organization's real-time requirements in a manner that is most useful for selecting design solutions later.

  3. The heart of the chapter is an appraisal of several mechanisms for delivering real-time reporting and integration services, the technologies most appropriate for each approach, and their strengths and weaknesses.

  4. And finally, a decision matrix is presented; it uses the requirements classifications and approaches previously described, and ...

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