19.8. Example of Using Low-Power Feature on LPC1114

19.8.1. Overview of LPC1114FN28

While the LPC1114 product series is not the lowest power Cortex®-M0/Cortex-M0+ microcontroller from NXP, it is an interesting product as it is available in DIP package. It means even hobbyists can construct low-power circuit boards at home (e.g., on breadboard). While there are plenty of other microcontroller development boards that can plug onto breadboard, often those boards do not allow users to isolate the power of the microcontroller from the power supply of the other components. So that adds to complexity when creating simple low-power systems.
The LPC111x supports four power modes (Table 19.6).
The LPC1114FN28 device has an internal 12-MHz RC oscillator (trimmed), ...

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