Appendix C

CMSIS-CORE Quick Reference

C.1. Overview

The Cortex® Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS) contains a number of standardized functions:
• Core peripheral access functions
• Core register access functions
• Special instruction access functions.
This appendix covers the basic information about these functions, and other information related to using CMSIS.

C.2. Data Type

Some of the functions in the CMSIS-CORE API use standard data types defined in “stdint.h” (part of the C99 specification), as listed in Table C.1.

Table C.1

C99 standard data type used in CMSIS-CORE

uint32_tUnsigned 32-bit integer
uint16_tUnsigned 16-bit integer
uint8_tUnsigned 8-bit integer

C.3. Exception Enumeration

Instead of using integer values for exception ...

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