The Definitive Guide to SOA: Oracle® Service Bus, SECOND EDITION

Book description

The Definitive Guide to SOA: Oracle® Service Bus, Second Edition targets professional software developers and architects who know enterprise development but are new to enterprise service buses (ESBs) and service–oriented architecture (SOA) development. This is the first book to cover a practical approach to SOA using the BEA AquaLogic Service Bus tool. And it's written from the "source"—BEA Systems AquaLogic product lead Jeff Davies.

  • This book provides hands–on information to developing SOA–driven applications with ESBs as central components.

  • It also gives strategic guidance on SOA planning, web service life–cycle management, administration of an ESB, and security considerations.

  • Author Jeff Davies is careful to cut through theory and get straight to demonstrating successful use of the product.

What you'll learn

  • View code examples that demonstrate how to use the major features of the service bus.

  • Learn tips and tricks to solve common problems.

  • Change your thinking on versioning web services: instead of applying versions to web services, which the author feels is simply the wrong tool for managing service life cycle, learn a new way to manage the service life cycle.

  • Get a new perspective on planning your "service landscape."

  • Discover administration–specific details for keeping your ESB running with practical advice on moving your configurations from development to testing and production—details that are commonly omitted from technical books.

Who this book is for

This book is for developers, technical architects, tech leads, professional software developers ,and architects. It's targeted at folks who know enterprise development but are new to enterprise service buses and service-oriented architecture development.

Table of contents

  1. Title
  2. Contents at a Glance
  3. Contents
  4. Foreword
  5. About the Authors
  6. About the Technical Reviewer
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Introduction
    1. About the Oracle Service Bus
    2. What's New in OSB 10.3?
    3. Who This Book Is For
    4. How This Book Is Structured
    5. Downloading the Code
    6. Contacting the Authors
  9. CHAPTER 1: Why Use a Service Bus?
    1. The Problems We Face Today
    2. Early ESBs
    3. Modern Solutions
    4. Enter Oracle Service Bus
    5. Won't This Lock Me into Oracle Technologies?
    6. Why Buy an Enterprise Service Bus?
    7. Summary
  10. CHAPTER 2: Installing and Configuring the Software
    1. Installing the Software
    2. Using a Single WorkSpace Studio IDE
    3. Configuring WorkSpace Studio
    4. Summary
  11. CHAPTER 3: Creating a Hello World Service
    1. Service Mediation
    2. Creating and Deploying a Web Service
    3. Summary
  12. CHAPTER 4: Message Flow Basics
    1. Message Flow Overview
    2. Goodbye World!
    3. Summary
  13. CHAPTER 5: A Crash Course in WSDL
    1. Why Learn About WSDL?
    2. WSDL Basics
    3. WSDL Best Practices
    4. Visualizing Documents from Schemas
    5. Summary
  14. CHAPTER 6: Intermediate Message Flows
    1. Scenario 1: User Requests a Product Catalog
    2. Scenario 2: User Orders a Product
    3. Summary
  15. CHAPTER 7: Asynchronous Messaging
    1. Synchronous Invocation
    2. Asynchronous Invocation
    3. Parallel Calls with Split-Join
    4. Summary
  16. CHAPTER 8: Service Types and Transports
    1. Service Type and Transport Protocol Overview
    2. SOAP with WSDL
    3. SOAP Without WSDL
    4. XML with WSDL
    5. XML Without WSDL
    6. Messaging Service Types
    7. Transport-Typed Service
    8. POJOs
    9. Summary
  17. CHAPTER 9: Advanced Messaging Topics
    1. Web Services Reliable Messaging
    2. Service Throttling
    3. Service Pooling
    4. SOAP with Attachments
    5. Summary
  18. CHAPTER 10: Reporting and Monitoring
    1. Monitoring
    2. Reporting
    3. Summary
  19. CHAPTER 11: SOA Security
    1. An Overview of SOA Security
    2. How OSB Fits into an SOA Security Architecture
    3. OSB End-to-End Security Configuration
    4. Performance Trade-Offs Using Security
    5. Summary
  20. CHAPTER 12: Planning Your Service Landscape
    1. Core Concepts
    2. Advanced Concepts
    3. Architectural Transformation
    4. Not Just an ESB!
    5. Summary
  21. CHAPTER 13: Implementing Your Service Landscape
    1. Standards, Standards, and More Standards
    2. Where Do We Begin?
    3. The First Project
    4. The Second Project
    5. Summary
  22. CHAPTER 14: Versioning Services
    1. What Is a Service?
    2. Service Orientation
    3. What Is Versioning?
    4. Do We Version Services or Operations?
    5. Constrained by Reality
    6. If Not Versions, Then What?
    7. The Service Life Cycle
    8. The Future of IT
    9. Summary
  23. CHAPTER 15: Performance: Tuning and Best Practices
    1. Factors That Affect OSB Performance
    2. Tuning an OSB Instance
    3. Best Practices for OSB Proxy Design
    4. XQuery and XPath Optimizations
    5. Scalability Considerations for an ESB
    6. Handling Large Messages with Content Streaming
    7. Flow-Control Patterns Using OSB
    8. Summary
  24. CHAPTER 16: Administration, Operations, and Management
    1. Deployment
    2. OSB Domains and Clusters
    3. Summary
  25. CHAPTER 17: Custom Transports
    1. Introduction to Custom Transports
    2. The Sample Socket Transport
    3. Building a Custom Transport
    4. Advanced Custom Transport Topics
    5. Summary
  26. CHAPTER 18: How Do I . . . ?
    1. Security
    2. Administration
    3. Messaging and Protocols
    4. XML, XQuery, and XSLT
    5. Miscellaneous
    6. Summary
  27. Index

Product information

  • Title: The Definitive Guide to SOA: Oracle® Service Bus, SECOND EDITION
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2008
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781430210573